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This eBook includes case studies of successful campaigns, showing you tested methods that work.

Integrated marketing is more effective than non-integrated marketing because you’re sending a clear and consistent message to your audience.

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Every media platform has its strengths and weaknesses, that’s why it’s important to incorporate cross-channel communication in your marketing strategy.

By leveraging the strengths of various media simultaneously, you’ll level out their respective weaknesses - ensuring you have the strong foundations of a winning formula.

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Stop making forgettable marketing. 

We want to help you and your clients stand out from the rest  with a killer cross-platform marketing strategy. 
With our integrated marketing eBook, success is well within your reach. 

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Our Integrated Marketing eBook covers the following key areas:

  • What is integrated marketing?
    Learn the basics as well as how to perform thorough research to help you pinpoint your ideal customer (buyer persona) and their unique buyer’s journey.  This will help you to reach your buyers and potential buyers in the right place at the right time - increasing your chance to convert your leads into customers.
  • Implementing your overall integrated marketing strategy
    Find out what elements add up to a winning formula - this section will walk you step-by-step through the planning and implementation phases of a great integrated marketing campaign.
  • The role of creativity in integrated marketing
    A solid marketing strategy starts with some mind-blowing creativity. This section will give you some great pointers to get your team’s creative juices flowing.
  • Integrated marketing in different areas of business
    From traditional media, to digital and social media we’ve got you covered. These case studies will show you some successful campaigns in action.
  • Integrated marketing delivers measurable results
    Measuring your results and analysing the data to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie is imperative to future success.


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