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Vulnerability in the Working Environment

vulnerability that you learn to show your strength.

I clearly recall early in my career at Penquin, my then boss, now Business Partner, friend and mentor, Darren Leishman, told me that I am opinionated.  My natural default to that statement was to jump onto the defensive because the comment felt negative.  In my mind, it meant I was self-important, argumentative and narrow minded – none of the qualities I believed of myself.

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Marketing trends to look out for in 2018

Penquin - 2018 Marketing trends

From chatbots to dark social, what trends do you think will dominate the marketing landscape in 2018? Find out what the Penquin experts predict is instore for us.

We blinked and just like that, 2017 was gone. . .

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The mother of all F@&k ups

png (1).png

Our MD, Veronica Wainstein, talks about the importance of creating a culture that allows failure in your company.

We have all heard the motivational statements that keep getting drummed into us that failure or adversity are good because we learn and grow from our mistakes more than our successes. 

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To outsource or not?  


Collaborating with a marketing agency can free you up to shine in your core role.  

Getting to grips with the complex and challenging world of marketing may seem like a minefield, especially when a bulletproof marketing strategy is one of the cornerstones of growth and success.

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